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She saw specks of light flicker on the leaves above him that must emanate from whatever he was holding in his hands. His whole mysterious and anno... weiterlesen
29.9.11 19:45

What she beheld was this: A male fairy, clad in an irregular arrangement made of the leaves of Cherry Laurel that let bits of skin show. He was hal... weiterlesen
26.9.11 22:33

Normally afraid of the unknown, this time curiosity won: She found herself slowly stepping forward, trying not to make a sound, and pulling the lea... weiterlesen
22.8.11 22:41

She paused her dancing to look at the moonlight on the leaves... and saw a tingling light from between the shrubs around the foot of the great tree... weiterlesen
20.8.11 08:57

There was a Fairy, dancing in the Moonlight. She didn't know she had magick of her own. Her ragged dress, once of shining colors, wasnow veiled wit... weiterlesen
25.7.11 01:33

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