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Time passed in a way she had no feeling for. The hurt did not lessen and she was unable to think properly. After a time that seemed like ages or ... weiterlesen
27.11.11 14:18

As he did not seem to come back, she lay down again and soon dozed off one mor time. When she awoke next, she was feeling cold, so cold from the i... weiterlesen
1.11.11 21:54

The embers left a burning imprint on the inside of her eyelids and followed her into her dreams. She found herself floating in a sea of hot rednes... weiterlesen
23.10.11 12:03

When they finally paused at a small spring, it was almost morning, the coldest time before dawn, where the light begins to look grey again. She sa... weiterlesen
19.10.11 23:20

"So what is it then?" "There is no way to tell you. You will have to learn. If you want to, of course. And if there is any way to m... weiterlesen
1.10.11 16:51

She stepped forward, then, unsure of what to do next, she halted. Now again, awkwardly standing behind him, she wondered if she had really heard t... weiterlesen
1.10.11 14:52

"Dreamchild, come over and look." weiterlesen
29.9.11 19:51

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