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How annoying. So the winter-drowning has come after all. The feeling that someone is currently pulling so hard at my nerves that they hurt and sometimes I even get the feeling that someone is pinching my heart with needles. And I'm not the only one apparently. But hey, it's not as bad as last winter yet. And I can't even relate it to the weather either because outside it's just insanely beautiful. Well, all I want is to get all of this unfinished stuff off my hands and then move on. Because I know now about some of the things that I want. And one of them is to learn as much as possible. Languages. Mysteries. People. Places. Animals. Plants. And I will definitely move out of here sometime this year. Because that is also necessary. Well well. At least this damn feeling makes me realize what I need.
1.2.12 12:56

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isa (1.2.12 18:17)
you go, girl! get something positive out of something as annoying as winter-drowning! and feel hugged.

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