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The little dragon had just been sad because he hadn't grown for a long time and it seemed as if he would remain about twice the size of his little mouse-friend forever. Mouse had tried to cheer him up, but trying to catch raindrops with their mouths had only been fun until dragon had seen his own face in a puddle. He was sulking and his head was bowed and mouse was lost in thought about how she could cheer him up. That is why, when they ran into the egg, it really startled them. Mouse and dragon both withdrew in shock. Being so little makes many things more frightening than they actually are. As they cautiously reemerged from the stone they had hid behind they saw that it was a bird's egg which was about the size of the dragon when he curled into a ball. As they both weren't only frightened but also too curious for their own good, they approached and smelled the shell. "It is alive!" squeaked  mouse. "Yes," dragon replied. "Let's take it, shall we?" "Do you think mom will like it?" "Of course! Mom is a big warm animal that can take of anyone." "But we don't know what it'll be!" In the end, they were too excited and too worried to leave the egg and with enormous effort brought it home. Mama fox was glad. "It will be a raven" she said. "And when it grows up, it will know more secrets than uncle crow and the owl in the other wood together."

So they warmed it and it hatched. And the raven-girl that emerged from the shell was the best sibling the mouse and dragon could have wished for, altough she grew to be larger than of them and insisted on calling dragon a "mutated lizard".





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isa (24.1.12 10:17)
aaaw! how cute is that? (can't help it - when i read 'little dragon', i see mango and a mouse and an egg )

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