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Wow. I'm through with Bleach. It's quite shocking. Well, not through but up to date and totally happy I got this far when one story-arc was successfully completed, because a few manga-issues earlier I would have been very sad and overexcited. I must praise Bleach again at this point: Yes, sometimes the story stretched like one of those ugly, cheap chewing-gums you can pull at forever and they never rip. Yes, the fighting scenes are illogical and sometimes filled with one-liners. But the bigger picture is never out of sight, although very apparently, Bleach was originally not inteded to go beyond the Soul Society-arc in the first place. I like how it's made. I love the characters (after all, I only recently learned that anime puts character-development over plot - oh yes, it does, and there's nothing bad about it), and primarily the main character which is rare, in most stories the main chracter will annoy me to death at a certain point. I love it for being funny and not taking itself seriously. I love it for being so full of martial-arts and magical fighting scenes with over the top-fighters. I love it for triggering exactly my emotional scale (man, I even cried at one point, it's because I am over-sensitive, I know...), this particular sadness in Bleach is a total fit to what I can relate to. Well, enough of Bleach. I simply love it. End.

Wow. I'm actually determined (is it ok to take a determined anime-character as a role-model? Idc. It works for me.) to get the pile of stuff done that has been rising practically since forever. Which leads me to

Wow. There is actually stuff from the first semester I still haven't done yet! WHAT THE HELL! I knew it all along but I was not inclined to face it. Argh. Oh well, I hope the professer won't crush me if I hand it in about now... I'd much rather do the current stuff because it's a) much more interesting and b) not charged with this stupid feeling of procrastination deluxe...

Wow. My aggressions have not come back yet. Somehow I miss them. It sort of makes me feel a bit incomplete to be quite content most of the times. Strange, but the darker side of oneself is something that can make one feel sickly comfortable. Well, I won't say too much. All in all I AM quite glad that so far I got through this winter-season without a major problem. But there are still 1 1/2 months to go after all...

Wow. Lauryn Hill, I still love your voice.

14.1.12 20:56

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isa (15.1.12 01:08)
whoa, almost through? congrats :D ah, i guess i'll start with bleach once the tests are over...
and whoa, what is left from first semester??

well, this winter was merciful. not half as grey as expected. let's hope it stays like this
and it's good to read that you are mostly content!

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