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Considering I'm not giving a shit about christmas this year I'm quite happy.

1. I'm sipping pixie-dance tea, which tastes like a lot of yummy things, but most of all like honey, out of my new supercool/cute dragon tea-mug=happy nerd.

2. I just had a superlate breakfast which consisted of homemade avocado-paste on home-made bread *.* 

3. My new addiction is Bleach and it is absolutely set to make me happy. It is exciting, has a fair amount of action, comedy and a serious backstory that makes sense (even though it is really fantastic). Perfect thing to spend my nights on. And I was recently told that the first season is more or less just the set-up for everything else that is to come. My anticipation is so high now because I find that very first season already incredible.

4. Everything is getting big and also I'm in a REALLY good mood now and my energy which was absolutely down these last days (new moon phenomenon works almost every time with me...) is back. (Jupiter direct, anyone?)

5. I'm not sick. For the first time in years NO COLD/FLUE during the winter holydays. YEAH

6. Christmas is already over. Thank you. It was ok, but I had enough already.


26.12.11 12:10

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isa (26.12.11 12:27)
congratulations for being healthy this year :D and i'm so happy that you're having such a good time!

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