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Time passed in a way she had no feeling for. The hurt did not lessen and she was unable to think properly.

After a time that seemed like ages or seconds, she felt something lukewarm on her legs, the touch of which was like a shock and she sighed in surprise.

"Try not to move. This will take the pain away. Hopefully."

As she dared to open her eyes, she saw a faint twilight. She was barely able to perceive his featrues as he was bent over her, apparently wrapping her legs in a smooth paste that eased her pain almost immediately. When he was finished, he sat back cross-legged at her side, mustering her. Then he got up and fetched a mug of cold water, that she gulped down at one draw.
She felt eased and fell back on her bed of moss to embrace the comfort of thoughtless sleep.

When she awoke again the pain was gone now replaced by a faint itching. She was feeling sleepy and unable to face the waking world so she lay still, eyes closed, listening intently instead. For a while only the sounds of singing birds, dripping water and the wind outside came to her ears. It made her feel safe and welcome, especially the steady dripping of water. Being close to water always made her comfortable and calm.

Thus, it was disturbing to hear two voices approaching, apparently arguing. One of the voices belonged to him, her strange companion with the broken mirror and the fiery, tormented eyes.

"What are you insinuating? That I knew all these things? I merely took her with me because I felt that Life had sent me a companion, a fairy to see the shades in the mirror. And now you tell me that she and I are bound together? That we sealed a pact in the fire? I did not know any of this. When I gave her my hands I acted unconsciously."

"Stop fooling yourself. You saw from the beginning the she is your opposite: You yourself told me you perceived the water and the earth in her."

"I even told her."

"What? You told her? And you want me to think you did not see the fatefulness of it all. I'm sorry but go tell that to old Faun Quelthir down the river. You are bound to her now. What do you expect? How can you exchange your energies in a burning fire and not be connected? You know how fire seals pacts. Everything is connected but what you have just done is more than a thought, a touch or a kiss. If you had lain with her the pact would be weaker."

"Well, I see that. I understand. But what now? How do we live now? Are we supposed to live as mates? You know how I cannot do that. I don't know if she wants me. Maybe she does, I have seen in her eyes that she is moved by me. But it is impossible for me."

"If you are unable to become her lover it follows that it is not required. Nothing is right that feels wrong. You spend too much time with humans, my friend."

Now they had reached the entrance to the cave. They were silent as they moved in. Strangely, she could only hear the footsteps of two feet.

"You are awake. Open your eyes please" the other person said in their smooth voice. When she opened them, the cave was illuminated by a pale light from the outside and a few candles in the middle. She saw him kneeling next to her, a worried expression on his face and on his shoulder sat a crow.

"Ah, there's a fairy!" the crow frolicked and jumped down to the ground in front of her nose. It bent its head to the right and looked into her eyes. She saw that the crow had a blind spot on its forehead where the third-eye was. It was of a blueish white and looking at those three eyes was irresistably hypnotizing.

She was beginning to see stars in them and losing track in the endless depths of the space in the crow's mind (or so it seemed to her). Suddenly the crow stepped back.

"This, my friend, makes me happy. I hope now you see that everything happens for a reason and be the best companion you can be to this admirable creature. It is the way of life that you become intertwined with the destinies of others. And unlike many others I have known, this is a benign bond between two old souls who are resonating well. If it was forged on instinct only, so much the better. I will take my leave now. I am called to my duty elsewhere."

With that, the crow flapped its wings three times, took off and left.

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isa (27.11.11 15:36)
whee! so they're bound now? you know, i really, really love your fairy! oh, and i love that crow with the third eye!

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