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Everything is different this year: November was one of the most beautiful months ever. Not just weather-wise. Everything is rising up to the top of its abilities. I am feeling it so intensely... Incredible.

Also, Christmas is already getting on my nerves. Oh dear! I'm beginning to hate Christmas Markets with a passion. All this artificial light, the music and the smells - I never cared about it. But this year they bug me. Christmas feels phonier every year, so now this feeling has reached it's temporary peak. I really wish we could all just celebrate Lurlennas.

What's more, for the first time in ages, my back is not constantly aching because of sitting too much, but because of all the workout. And though that is great to know, I think I shall have to squeeze Yoga into my workout-plan again because my poor shoulders and ribcage are not used to being used so much But let's be honest - I love this feeling!  Train hard - feel good, was that the slogan?

24.11.11 11:08

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isa (24.11.11 16:01)
so true! (ah, the crhistmas markets! the only one i really want to attend this year is siegburg, and that never feels like chrismas market but like... well, medieval market).

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