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November thoughts

What keeps me constantly wondering is what REALLY keeps us from living up to our dreams and our potential. I read a lot on this subject but I can't shake off the feeling that other people have less to do with it than we think. And also in a way more than we can imagine. What I mean is this: (We're not talking extreme situations like captivity and extremely poor circumstances or political situation here) The only person that can keep you away from being who you want to be is yourself. So far most people would agree. But why in the world are we all spending so much energy on holding back ourselves then? Because, quite frankly, many of us do. And here the others do come in. What is usually said is that we usually are afraid to go out and do what's right for us because we are afraid of what others might think.

Now, I don't necessarily agree on this. Maybe that only applies to me but somehow I feel that I'm afraid of the process itself. Because the person you would become if you dared to make your move would feel different from what you are now. And change is something I used to be absolutely terrified of.

Also, it takes some effort to get rid of the stuff that's pulling you down. You'd have to do this. And I know what I am talking about: I am the mistress of procrastination These things, as downward-leading as they may be, become comfortable to us. We know them. We can wrap ourselves in their comfortingly familiar misery.

But for this new year, that is about to come on Monday (the Wicca New Year, mind you) I have made a commitment to do whatever it takes. I've already tried, I'm on my way, and I've caught glimpses of what it feels like to be the me I want to be. And that means I have to face my lazyness, look my fear right into the eyes, acknowledge they are there and then embrace them, and move on.

Therefore, November will from now on be the month of new beginnings for me. The month where the magick happens. I think that November is the witching month. Which month could be more perfect? And not only because I'm a lot more of a Scorpio than someone with a Gemini Sun should be

2.11.11 12:42

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isa (2.11.11 19:34)
rock es, zaubererschwester

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