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When they finally paused at a small spring, it was almost morning, the coldest time before dawn, where the light begins to look grey again. She sat down on a stone because the moss was wet and wished she had taken her woolen coat with her. He stepped in front of her and mustered her closely. She realized that a golden spark was faintly glowing in each of his eyes.  He took her hands, breathed in deeply and upon releasing breath, warmth flowed through her like a wave. When he let go of her hands she started to shiver again, even worse than before.

"That won't suffice." Frowning, he took a coat out of his backpack and wrapped her into it. He sat down behind her and embraced her.

"You are too weak. You were stumbling before. This is no good."

She could not lift her head. Now that the cold had worn off a little she was shivering more than before. He sighed and then, with some effort, he lifted her up and carried her away.




Upon waking up she found she was lying on dry, thick moss and staring into a small pile of glowing coals. She was feeling warm enough to be comfortable. When she turned her head she discovered there was nothing to discover. It was so dark she was blind for anything but the embers. Her drowsy mind could not be bothered to think and she dozed off again.

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isa (20.10.11 05:24)
have to say it over and over again: i just love the feel of this. it's magical. (by the way, I'm reading this during the contessology-seminar break, best mix ever, story and seminar. the magic is SO around right now )

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