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So I'm currently spending too much time on reading/watching on how important it is, not only for oneself but for everyone's environment, to find (speaking w/ Sir Ken Robinson) to find one's "element". To find the one thing one can really flourish in.

I agree w/ all of that. I find it pretty convincing.

Now the problem is: How do I find it? I suppose it is trial and error all over. Only that I don't find that method overly attractive. But it will have to do. For now I'll keep on studying Literary, Cultural and Media Studies. It is a subject on which many trials are possible. Bring it on, fate! Show me if I am going to be a publisher or en editor! Because a journalist I won't be, if I'm not much mistaken. (Maybe I am.) Because until now I don't see me doing any of the kind.

7.9.10 21:28

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