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As he did not seem to come back, she lay down again and soon dozed off one mor time. When she awoke ... weiterlesen
1.11.11 21:54

November thoughtsWhat keeps me constantly wondering is what REALLY keeps us from living up to our dr... weiterlesen
2.11.11 12:42

Actually I am far too tired to write anything of sense here now. But I have to note this down for me... weiterlesen
16.11.11 23:55

If nothing else you simply have to respect Ciara for her capability as a dancer. Talk about backbend... weiterlesen
19.11.11 16:32

Everything is different this year: November was one of the most beautiful months ever. Not just weat... weiterlesen
24.11.11 11:08

Time passed in a way she had no feeling for. The hurt did not lessen and she was unable to think pro... weiterlesen
27.11.11 14:18

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