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There's something in this day, even if I felt so bad at waking up that I couldn't see through my pl... weiterlesen
5.8.11 14:41

Why is everything always so mixed up? Getting up far too late, getting nothing done, then ev... weiterlesen
7.8.11 23:58

I feel how I'm losing my ground A dancer enthralled by a sound The smoke clears away I'll reach for ... weiterlesen
8.8.11 22:20

YAY! I have a talent for getting drunk at the wrong time, getting crazy at the wrong time, not getti... weiterlesen
11.8.11 11:52

SAY YES. ALWAYS.Life, I've just decided to love you. I'm yours until I die. We will see this through... weiterlesen
15.8.11 17:46

Wheally? If that's true... "Desire is possibility seeking expression." ~ Ralph Waldo Emers... weiterlesen
17.8.11 17:34

She paused her dancing to look at the moonlight on the leaves... and saw a tingling light from betwe... weiterlesen
20.8.11 08:57

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