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I intended to complain about myself. But why? I am supposed to write a 3-page story, keyword &q... weiterlesen
2.7.11 01:19

I'm looking at the moon, wondering at the changes that occured recently. And I feel that the moon is... weiterlesen
13.7.11 15:42

So much talking. Man, I need to get my head straight before the next dose of over the top-conversati... weiterlesen
21.7.11 18:49

There was a Fairy, dancing in the Moonlight. She didn't know she had magick of her own. Her ragged d... weiterlesen
25.7.11 01:33

Lesson of today: Don't ever, ever sleep in, if you actually cannot be sure you have nothing importan... weiterlesen
28.7.11 14:43

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