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A golden day it is today: I woke relatively early from the sun shining into my room. Then I did... weiterlesen
1.3.11 13:40

2nd edit: It seems to last. Being on this band is like being on - I don't know... I don't do dr... weiterlesen
2.3.11 00:04

"Take a look into the book of fantasy and poetry and you will see what you can feel is everythi... weiterlesen
3.3.11 15:52

yes. great. I wanted to blather something about how I'm simply unable to get my ass up for anything ... weiterlesen
26.3.11 22:25

Ich weiß, dass ich zur Tagundnachtgleiche im Herbst geschrieben hab, dass ich im Frühling... weiterlesen
31.3.11 12:48

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