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 While I am starting to throw away stuff I (hopefully ) won't need anymore because I didn't use any of it since about forever, that means I'm also in a massive reviewing phase of the last year.

So, here are my personal awards for the Whatever of the Year:

Book of the Year
_Goes to two books: First is Eragon, I believe. Even though it gets a major thumbs down for being finished now. And second is "Die kleine Hexe" which I rediscovered. Great!

Movie of the Year
_Princess Mononoke. It is one of the most beautiful films I have ever watched and also one of the very best. Although it is quite sad, coming to think that it is already 14 years old. Well, I discover some things late...

Album of the Year
_Clear winner in this category is Imaginaerium. If you had told me a month ago I wouldn't have believed it because even though there have always been some Nightwish songs which are larger than light, I was never capable of taking Nightwish seriously enough on album length before. Congratulations! I wasn't so struck since the last Avantasia-release. Or maybe even since I got all hyped about The Scarecrow. Which leads us to

Song of the Year
_I can't decide. Maybe it goes to The Crow, the Owl and the Dove. Or Song of Myself. Hmmm.

Show of the Year
_Edguy. Wins at large scale. Apparently, I was at quite a number of concerts this year (as I recently found out ). All were great in their own ways, some, like Elbow, bordering on fantastic. But Edguy simply feature one of my #1 singers of all time. No discussion.

Discovery of the year
_Bellydance. No doubt about it.

Inspiration of the Year
_Several persons have to share this award:. First place goes to Isa, my usual artistic and sophisticated friend, who rocks big time, then we also have certain inspirational writers, singers etc (see above). Dancers go in here for the first time as well, Ms Brice, to name only one.

 Journey of the Year
_I had quite a few nice short trips. But the clear winner are of course my 3 weeks in Argentina. No doubt. Everything from seeing my oldest friend (not counting Isa's and my kindergarten-friendship) again, over beeing as silly as you can only get when 3 weeks of nonstop-silliness build up on top of each other, travelling roughly 5,600km on coach, seeing the gargantuam waterfalls of Iguazú, the jungle, majestic whale-mothers playing with their calfs in a crystal-blue ocean, admiring the creativity of the artesanas, the courtesy and friendliness of the people and being on the road for such long time, to seeing simply beautiful landscapes and finding myself above the clouds for the first time in my life, was great in an absolutely crazy way. I'll never forget this experience.

Concept of the year
_Spontaneity. Empties my wallet. Deprives me of sleep sometimes. CAN be overdone. But is the best thing if you want to experience more stuff, get to know more people and see more...

Note: Some things exist that are award-worthy but not possibly categorisable. Also, there could be awards for negative stuff.  But I have no inclination, whatsoever, to emphasize on that.

13.12.11 20:05

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isa (13.12.11 22:35)
aah, year recaps, awesome :D yep, all in all it was a pretty good year, and it's clearly a good decision to leave out the not-so-great-parts

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