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"So what is it then?" "There is no way to tell you. You will have to learn. If you want to, of course. And if there is any way to mend. I believe we could use your help."


"Yes everyone, everything."

"Why me? I never learnt anything that can help fix fairy-mirrors. And who are you?"

"If you don't know anything how can you be here? If your life was so empty that you never learned anything to increase the energy of this world and your own being how can you be here and speak to me now? But of course you look as if you have been denying your power at the core for a long time."

She had no idea what he was speaking of. What did he mean? What was he insinuating? What did he want her to do?

 "Dreamchild, come with me. By no possible means can I explain to you what we need you to do. But you will see because you know it. You already know it in your heart. You are the sea. You are the earth. And you feel the wind. But you know nothing of fire because that is alien to your being. You cannot stay forever in this part of the forest, marvelling at caterpillars, mushrooms and busy little pixies, dancing in the bright nights and hole up everytime the silver light wanes to nothing. That is not life. Not all of life. Come with me and learn."

And she watched herself taking his hand as he stood up and walking away with him in the darkness of the forest on a path that had not been there before.

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