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She stepped forward, then, unsure of what to do next, she halted. Now again, awkwardly standing behi... weiterlesen
1.10.11 14:52

"So what is it then?" "There is no way to tell you. You will have to learn. If you wa... weiterlesen
1.10.11 16:51

Uff. Let's see. What I have to do: - One entire term paper on Kant.- One Handout.- Two little essays... weiterlesen
6.10.11 22:00

I wasn't sure if I wanted to write this here but, after reading Isa's latest Blog, I realized that w... weiterlesen
7.10.11 16:24

"Your saviour's reflected in the mirror"Billy Talent I keep dreaming of seeing myself... weiterlesen
12.10.11 17:45

nothing to ad. simply ~*GREAT*~.... weiterlesen
17.10.11 18:27

"Well a long time ago We had passion, we had goals Why is life so set in stone it doesn’t... weiterlesen
18.10.11 19:58

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