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The fall of the year has almost arrived. Golden days are to come before darkness finally wins over. ... weiterlesen
16.9.11 12:31

Touch the earth, love the earth, honor the earth: her plains, valleys, hills and seas; rest your spi... weiterlesen
20.9.11 23:15

"It is time to accept change, to move on to the next phase. Power and strength in the present a... weiterlesen
21.9.11 19:13

Come, New Moon, and make ME new. Powerless, drenched and with no inclination to move whatsoever I la... weiterlesen
24.9.11 00:23

+++This time's for REAL+++ Make that the motto for the coming year, biatches!... weiterlesen
26.9.11 22:07

What she beheld was this: A male fairy, clad in an irregular arrangement made of the leaves of Cherr... weiterlesen
26.9.11 22:33

I have no idea what drove me to search this song today. It's so beautiful! A song that made me happy... weiterlesen
29.9.11 11:51

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