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It's kind of hard to explain but I feel absolutely overflowing with hope, creativity and light these... weiterlesen
1.5.11 20:53

1. I started to type the Spanish vocabulary in on my clever vocabulary program. But damn! After... weiterlesen
8.5.11 20:47

diese band ist zu gut für die welt. weiterlesen
9.5.11 21:25

so. so my family attempt to fight as much as possible. little sis vs. parents all over. and now they... weiterlesen
10.5.11 11:43

Listening to Ill Niño while reading the new drama about the peasant wars ! Absolutely shockin... weiterlesen
10.5.11 20:26

Dear Isa,as high-spirited as I am right now, I am also absolutely serious when I tell you what ... weiterlesen
12.5.11 01:06

"Flaxen hair blowing in the breezeIt is time for the geese to head southI have come with my mus... weiterlesen
12.5.11 15:21

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