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I feel so totally, entirely strange today. Anyway, what I want to say: "Hast du im Leben n... weiterlesen
2.8.10 11:18

I was wondering why everyone suddenly was depressed or at least very melancholic. And all of a sudde... weiterlesen
3.8.10 21:45

happiness is (sequel of my earlier-begun series   )- lying in bed at 5 AM. it is dark. raining.... weiterlesen
5.8.10 00:49

Here are the rules:1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)2. Put it on shuffl... weiterlesen
16.8.10 18:57

It gives me thrills to watch this. Everytime. ... weiterlesen
27.8.10 10:14

Last night we stole a train. We entered and drove off. Fast and far. When we had done that a while y... weiterlesen
28.8.10 16:38

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