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One of the manymany reasons I love MUSE: Which other extremely successful major-label-sign... weiterlesen
7.5.10 21:48

GlückIch hab wieder eins gefunden! Ein Video + Lied das glücklich macht. I love ... weiterlesen
10.5.10 21:12

sometimes there are phases when you know that everything is right and everything is going the way it... weiterlesen
17.5.10 10:37

Ok, now this is total spam (but isn't this entire blog just spam, anyway?) but I have a mind of expr... weiterlesen
19.5.10 15:03

The Fantasy Of Being...

This is the most beautiful blog I've read so far. Because as I can tell thoughts like that don't onl... weiterlesen
31.5.10 22:56

Tobi ist der Poet der Woche (für mich persönlich auch der Poet aller Zeiten):"gotta l... weiterlesen
31.5.10 23:07

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